Marliss is a large village near the middle of the country of Valesh Eren. It is has a typical village structure, with all the dwellings located on two central streets. Around this splay the village fields, often covered in sheep and cows.

Marliss is an idyllic place. They are deep enough in country that the village has never been threatened by war. Many veterans were born here, of course—they contribute as many children to The Sword of God as any other place and they too are available for conscription, but war rarely reaches this far in, and so there hasn’t been a threat to the village itself in living memory.

Marliss sits close to one of the cairns, and the place, trapped eternally in springtime, is the destination of children, lovers, and dreamers, especially at night, when the light of the cairn‘s eternal spring morning shines through the forest. It’s a little magic in an otherwise mundane place.

Marliss is a fairly rich town with a rich lord. There is enough wealth here for them to have an actual inn, paid for by the lord. This makes residents feel cosmopolitan, and they like to say that they have all the benefits of a city without any of the drawbacks. While this is an exaggeration, there is a certain comforting truth to it.

All the starting PCs were born in Marliss.


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