Valesh Eren

Valesh Eren is a nation in the central-southern region of the Imiriaran continent. It is not far enough south for the bitter cold of the southern arctic circle, and balances out at a cool temperate climate. The winters are bitter cold and the summers are warm to hot, with a high level of humidity.

Valesh Eren is a hereditary monarchy. Traditionally, the firstborn of the royal line becomes becomes a member of the Hand of God and is fast-tracked up the church hierarchy until he becomes a bishop or cardinal, often stationed in the middle of nowhere, where no local dukes have sons to claim the title. When the former lord high clerist of the nation dies, this son takes over the position, leading the national church. The lastborn son, of course, inherits.

The current king, Liromen VIII, is an exception. An only child, he joined the Hand of God, but after the death of both his uncle and father, he assumed both roll as both king and lord high clerist. This has made the nation something of a temporary theocracy, at least until the King has a son old enough to take over the Church.

Valesh Eren is a pleasant, rural kingdom. Known for making the longbow a religion among its peasants, they are hereditary enemies with Myra, to the west. The Valerian people are strong-willed and free spirited, with a great willingness to fight for a proper cause. They are proud of their agriculture, especially their wool, which is considered the best in the world.

The country is rich enough the that upper levels of nobility have permanent capitals instead of seasonal ones. The lower and upper classes tend to take their relationships and obligations to each other seriously.

There are many forests in Valesh Eren, the most notable being [[Wraith Wood.]] This sits in the northwest of the nation and is inhabited by The Face of God, who protect it from invasion from Myra, making the sprawling castle of Fortress to the south a more strategic location.

The capital of Valesh Eren is Inis Valesh (The River’s Jewel in Old Myran). It is a large, walled city, notable for its defenses and population. The Royal Palace is a huge building in the northwest, one of the most defensible royal residences in the known world.

Valesh Eren

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