Welcome to the Imiriaran Cycle.

This is an epic campaign orienting around warfare with some political maneuvering. It’s based in a world where the Church controls all magic but has lost its connection to the truth. It’s fractured along national lines and acts as a resource and a standing army for every nation.

It’s a world where God’s firstborn son turned against him, tainting all firstborn sons with original sins and where the lastborn son inherits. There is no small amount of fratricide in this campaign.

Most of the characters will be firstborn children who have been given to the church at the age of 8. You are all form the village of Marliss, and you have not met up fully since the last of you became members of Church orders. The campaign starts out on the day of the winter solstice on the first yule after the last of you have graduated. For the first time, you think that you and your childhood friends might all meet again at the same place and the same time.

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